Gareth Oliver

Gareth Oliver

The act is different every time!  He likes to improvise. Gareth is not a ‘safe’ act, never have been, never will be! He likes to get to know his audience. Some audiences are worth getting to know, some aren’t! He has found out the hard way!! It’s worth the risk!

He loves life and  embraces  it with both hands, then he makes it talk…

In 2009 Gareth went as far as he could go on Britain’s Got Talent, making the top 3 in my semi final LIVE in front of 15.4 million people. Susan Boyle went a little further that year but hey, at least he can go to the local store without being harassed; in fact he can go anywhere without being harassed! Nobody knows who he is! He is not bitter…

Gareth has performed with Brian Conley and had the privilege of performing with Frank Skinner at the Lyric Theatre in London’s West End.

These days Gareth and his partner Alice  spend the majority of their time performing all over the world on beautiful cruise ships.

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